Current Style Number Plates

Current style number plates are the number plate format still being used to date & have been so since they were introduced back in 2001 when the prefix system came to an end. Something that is a complete change from the previous number plate systems is that the current number plate system used both age and location identifiers which allows you to easily tell when and where the registration was issued.

Because of the way the current system was formatted it meant that all number plates from 2001 on wards would have exactly seven digits however previously they could have had anything between two and seven.

Current style number plates follow a format where they start with two letters which indicate where the registration was issued. This is then followed by two numbers which tell you the year in which the registration was issued. Finally this is followed by a sequence of three random letters which to allow for numerous combinations to be created for each location and year.

Current style number plates also broke the tradition of using the age signifier on a yearly basis and instead opted for a newer format where the year is split into two for example an 02 plate was issued in March 2002 and this will then run up until we hit the 49 plate and then another series of plated is issued in September of each year starting with the 51 plate which will run up until 99. Combinations such as 01 and 50 were however held back by the DVLA.

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