Dateless Number Plates

Dateless number plates are the oldest and rarest registrations available. They range from a combination of one letter and one number such as "A 1" increasing in size up to three letters and four numbers and are considered the most prestigious number plates.

The reason they are called dateless number plates is because a vast majority of the records from the early 1900's are missing or incomplete. Add to this the face that many councils issued car registrations at different times it makes it almost impossible to determine an accurate date for these plates. Because of this dateless number plates tend to fetch a higher price than the other style of number plates, largely because they can be transferred onto any vehicle regardless of the year the vehicle was registered.

As well as this Dateless plates are a lot rarer than the other styles of registrations as many of them were scrapped in the past and also because they are not for sale through the DVLA's website meaning they can only be purchased from dealers or private sellers where available.

Dateless number plates were issues to vehicles between 1903 and 1963 and were the first form of a vehicle registration numbers.

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