Personal Registrations

When it comes to number plates, most people don't realise that it is not obligatory to keep the original registration that was assigned to the vehicle when the vehicle was purchased. It is a simple and easy process when it comes to purchasing a different registration and then transferring it onto a vehicle. Equally if the original plate the vehicle was assigned would appeal to someone else then it is possible to transfer it off of the vehicle and sell it to somebody else who the number may appeal to and simply have a new number issued to replace it.

Some number plates when representative of something in particular may be seen as desirable by potential suitors whether it be that they represent some form of nameoccupationhobby or anything really. The possibilities for personal number plate registrations are virtually endless, only restricted by the display regulations combinations to make the perfect number plate are only limited by the owners imagination. Whether you call it a personalised, private or cherished number plate or registration it all means the same thing.

The UK vehicle registrations system currently in place do not allow more than three letters to appear in a row without a number to break it up. This is where the creativity comes into account. By using numbers to represent certain letters, for example‚ 3 being a backwards E, the possibilities are endless and with a bit of creativity and imagination anyone can find the perfect registration to suit them, without breaking any rules that are currently in place.

An example of this would be the word HUMAN, a word of which is longer than 3 letters and therefore cannot be displayed on a number plate. Because of this if we replace the 4 with an A and accept that the 4 is representative of the letter A, then we can create the valid registration - HUM 4N which can be seen in our own stock today.

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