Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates are often the most admired both within the motor trade and also to the general public. As cherished numbers are often much older registrations, they also tend to be much rarer and with that drive a higher price as they are often seen as an antique or collector’s item.

What is a Cherished Number Plate?

A cherished number plate is yet another in a long list of terms used to describe your favourite vehicle accessory. You may be more used to the terms registration number or personalised number plate, however the term cherished number plate is often used to describe dateless number plates before 1963 however they can also be a family heirloom, a memento or an investment. A cherished registration plate is the perfect finishing touch to any vehicle.

Here at NetPlates we strive to deliver the perfect cherished number plate that you can proudly use for the rest of your life at the cheapest cost possible. So why not get searching now and find your perfect cherished registration number today.

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Finding your perfect plate! NetPlates personalised registrations have over 45 million registrations available to buy online, so finding your ideal number plate might seem daunting at first, but the process is very simple. What's the total cost? The all-inclusive price of VAT(If any), the compulsory £80 DVLA assignment fee meaning there are no hidden charges other than the optional £30 set of plastic plates. What Happens Next? Once you have purchased your chosen registration number, we can send you the registration on a certificate or we can handle the entire transfer process onto your vehicle free of charge.
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