Current Style Number Plates

A current style number plate may not stand out as much as a prefix, suffix or dateless number plate but they are just as easily personalised. If you have a short name, then a current style registration number will often be the most cost effective option for a personalised number plate where your name can appear at the end of the registration. As a new set of registrations are released every six months, your dream plate is always only just around the corner.

What is a Current Style Number Plate

Current style number plates were introduced back in 2001 when the prefix system came to an end and this is the system still in use to date.

The current style registration is split into three separate sections, each with its own purpose. The first two letters indicate where the vehicle was initially registered. The first of these two letters indicate a region & the second a DVLA local office. The two numbers in the middle of the registration indicate the age of the vehicle based on a 6 month period ranging from either March to August or September to February. A new age period is started on the 1st March and the 1st September every year. Whilst the current style system is still in place. Finally, the last three letters are completely random and give the vehicle its unique identity.

Because of the way the current style number plate system is structured, all current registration numbers consist of exactly seven characters, something that was not the case previously. With the dateless, prefix and suffix system, numbers would range from two characters up to seven.

As well as the above mentioned character restriction on current style number plates, additional rules were also brought into place such as a new mandatory font that was to be universal across all current registration numbers. As well as this there was also new rules against bolts however national flags are now approved on current number plates.

Please find below a breakdown of the year identifiers for current style number plates:

Year 1 March to
end August
1 September to
end February
2001/02 51
2002/03 02 52
2003/04 03 53
2004/05 04 54
2005/06 05 55
2006/07 06 56
2007/08 07 57
2008/09 08 58
2009/10 09 59
2010/11 10 60
2011/12 11 61
2012/13 12 62
2013/14 13 63
2014/15 14 64
2015/16 15 65
2016/17 16 66
2017/18 17 67
2018/19 18 68
2019/20 19 69
2020/21 20 70
2021/22 21 71
2022/23 and so on until 50/00
in 2050/51

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