Why are some registration numbers more expensive than others?

As a rule, the older, more rare plates are more expensive than those still being supplied by the DVLA (both new style and prefix). However there are always exceptions, where a registration makes a word or name, which applies to any format, the greater the value. So for example a registrations like 'TAS 11A' (TASHA) and 'D31 BOY' (DEL BOY) have an immediate value of tens of thousands of pounds, but something like 'Y106 PUR' has relatively no value at all.

How can I pay for my new Cherished Number Plate?

We accept the following methods of for payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bankers Draft
  • Cheque
  • Postal Orders
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal (sales@netplates.co.uk) fees apply

Do I need a car to buy a number plate?

No, you do not need a vehicle to buy a personalised number plate as we can supply ALL numbers plates on DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlements or DVLA V778 Retention Documents.

The DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement/DVLA V778 Retention Document allows you to keep the number for a specified period e.g. for future use or as an investment. The entitlement certificate can be issued in someone else's name e.g. as a gift.

Can I buy a registration in someone else's name?

Yes, you can purchase a registration entitlement for someone else as a gift providing you know the name the intended vehicle is (or will be) registered under.

Do Netplates.co.uk provide the physical number plates for my vehicle?

Yes we can supply a set of physical number plates for your vehicle at a cost of £25 per pair, plus £5 for postage and packaging.

Once I have bought a personalised registration mark, do I have to put it straight onto a vehicle?

No. If it has been supplied on a DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or DVLA V778 Retention Document you have until the expiry date shown on your DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or DVLA V778 Retention Document to put the mark onto a vehicle (or to renew the certificate)

What documents do I need to buy a registration number?

If you are buying a number to go onto a vehicle straight away then you will need to provide your V5C by scanned copy or via post.

The vehicle must have a valid MOT (where applicable) and be taxed to use on the public highways.

How much is the transfer fee

All numbers plates are subject to an £80 DVLA transfer fee. 

Can I buy a registration number and pay the transfer fee later?

No, the transfer fee is always payable at the time of purchase. The DVLA will not provide assignment or retention certificates prior to receipt of payment.

What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the transfer and no longer want the registration I have purchased?

Our purchasing service commences immediately after we receive full- or part-payment to secure your registration, so we will already have bought the item(s) requested by you. Therefore, all payments or part-payments are non refundable regardless of the value of the item purchased. We do not offer any refunds if you change your mind or cancel the order.

However, if you buy a registration you decide you don't want, all is not lost. We can attempt to Sell the plate on your behalf to recoup some or all of your costs or even make you a profit!

Are registration numbers good investments?

We believe so, after all,  we have made a successful business for over 6 years by trading in them!

Historically, values of all numbers have increased over the past few years and there is no reason why this trend should not continue within reason. Most registrations will always be worth the same if not more in future.

However, future values will often depend on the popularity of the registration and on ensuring you use our advice to buy at true market value rather than paying over the odds.

Why are some, but not all, registrations subject to VAT?

VAT is payable on sales of registrations where the seller is VAT registered. Registrations sold on behalf of third party private vendors who are not VAT registered are not subject to VAT

What happens to the registration that is currently on my vehicle if I buy a new registration?

You may choose to pay the Department for Transport fee and retain it, otherwise the registration is automatically made void. If you choose not to retain the number then you may dispose of the old plates when you fit your new ones.

How long does a transfer take?

We complete all transfers as quickly as possible. Some transfers are done the same day your V5C is received. There is some variation in the time taken to complete depending upon the circumstances of the transfer in question. Please call 0121 777 6555 and ask an advisor for an estimate of how long your transfer will take.

If I am having my registration issued on a DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or DVLA V778 Retention Document what do I do when I receive the certificate and do I have to pay any more money when I send the transfer off to the DVLA?

When you want to assign your chosen registration number to a vehicle you will need to contact the DVLA and provide them with your vehicle's V5C with the DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or DVLA V778 Retention Document. The receiving vehicle must hold a valid MOT (if applicable) and be taxed. There will be no additional cost to transfer the reg onto the vehicle as the assignment fee of £80 would have been paid at the time of purchase. Ie We charge you the £80 assignment fee and then send you the DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or DVLA V778 Retention Document. Then at time of transfer, you will have nothing to pay to assign the number to your vehicle.

How can I check the status of my transfer?

You are welcome to email us at admin@netplates.co.uk requesting an update.

What restrictions apply to the transfer of a registration with a year letter?

You may not attempt to make a vehicle look newer than it actually is by displaying a registration bearing a more recent year identifier code (whether suffix, prefix or current style two-digit code). For example, you may not put a plate with an S year suffix on a car that originally carried an R suffix registration (or on any car older than that).

What happens if I need to tax or MOT my vehicle while the transfer is being processed?

In this case you should send the appropriate fee, your insurance certificate or cover note and the tax application form to us, ensuring that you state the old registration number on the application form. In the case of a new MOT please ensure that the garage issues the MOT certificate under the old registration and send the certificate to us immediately, with details of the registration mark you are purchasing. Netplates will have the MOT amended accordingly during the transfer procedure.

If the recipient vehicle already has a mark can I transfer that mark to another vehicle or to retention at the same time?

Yes. This kind of double transfer presents no problem for Netplates, but you will need to immediately supply us with the documents of the third vehicle involved and an extra £80 cheque payable to the DVLA. Netplates does not make any extra charges. If a third vehicle is unavailable then the mark can normally be retained on a retention certificate. 

If I am buying a new unregistered vehicle can I transfer a number onto it?

Yes, we will require the form V55 from your supplying garage (it is wise to check with the vehicle supplier first as certain vehicle franchises will NOT release V55 documents,) plus your insurance certificate and cheque payable to Department for Transport for the road tax and £80 transfer fee. Due to the fact that the transfer time is uncertain it may be more appropriate to have a normal registration assigned by the garage supplying the vehicle while you are waiting for your transfer to complete. This would ensure that you have full use of the vehicle whilst the transfer is taking place

Can I buy a personalised registration for my motorcycle or moped?

Yes, motorcycles and mopeds can participate freely in the registration transfer scheme.

Do I have to keep the car registration on my vehicle for any specific time period before I can transfer it again?

No, there is no time restriction for subsequent transfer. Transfer is a simple procedure for which you can apply directly to the DVLA. Your cherished number can be transferred to a vehicle of your choice. The donor vehicle will be assigned a replacement registration number appropriate to its year as part of the process.

What if I cannot find a specific plate I am looking for?

If you contact us giving the details of the plate you require, we may be able to advise if it was ever issued, if it may become available or may even find it using our historical records of plates we have bought and sold. If we cannot find it or it is simply unavailable we will do our very best to come up with suitable alternatives for you.

Lastly, should you have any other questions about any aspect of buying a number plate that you have seen on this website or any other question in relation to the plates that we have for sale, please do not hesitate to call us. We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday, or you can use our contact us page.