Car Related Plates 

With years of experience and expertise in providing personalised number plates, we are able to offer an incredible range of private registration plates. Our range of car related number plates is the perfect way for car enthusiasts to add a little personality to their cars.

Private number plates are legal in the UK and they can be transferred onto your vehicle in as little as two weeks. Here at NetPlates, we always aim to provide maximum value for our customers which is why we can also handle the full transfer process onto your chosen vehicle at no extra cost.

We have over 45 million registration plates in stock, so we’re sure that you can find the perfect private name plate that fits your preferences and needs.

Find your Perfect Car Related Number Plate

Please select the vehicle badge that relates to the vehicle you wish to obtain a personalised number plate for and you will be directed to our current selection of car registration marks relating the make of vehicle chosen.

All current makes of makes of vehicles are listed below.

If you cannot find the personalised DVLA private number plate that you are looking for, then please enter the combination in our general search box and see what number plates are available that may suit your vehicle.

The above emblems are registered trademarks of their respective owners. is in no way affiliated to any of the car manufacturers. The use of the respective car mark emblem is solely for the purposes of describing the related goods/services being offered in finding suitable plates for the owners of each of the respective prestigious car registration marks

Examples of the type of car related plates we have are:

  • For BMW Models - V3 BMW only £1880
  • For Mercedes Benz Models - BNZ 6117 only £430
  • For Audi Models - AUD 4J only £1580 

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