Special Interests & Hobbies Number Plates

At NetPlates, we offer fantastic deals on our range of special interests and hobbies number plates. With over 8 years of experience and knowledge in providing personalised registration plates, we know that creativity and personalisation have no limits, which is why we offer such a huge variety of private plates. Our range of interest number plates and hobby registration plates are perfect for those that are looking to define their vehicle with their passion and interests, whether your hobby is music, fishing, aviation, or painting.

With over 45 million registration plates in stock, we’re sure that you can find the ideal hobby number plate for your car.

What are Special Interest Number Plates

As the name suggests, these special interest and hobby number plates relate to a variety of popular hobbies that people would be interested and passionate about. These registration plates offer you that little bit of exclusivity and you can define your individuality with your hobby. If you’re looking for personalised registration plates for your favourite hobbies, then we can help you find the ideal number plate.

Personalised car registration plates are legal in the UK and they can also be transferred onto your vehicle in as little as two weeks. Here at NetPlates, we always strive to provide maximum value for our customers and that is why we can coordinate the entire transfer process for you at no extra cost.

Find Your Perfect Interest & Hobby Number Plates

If you are looking for your special interest related number plate, then please select your hobby from the list and then you can find your ideal registration number.

We believe we have covered all modern and popular interests, however if we have missed yours please feel free to contact us.

If you cannot find the personalised DVLA private number plate here that you are seeking for your vehicle, enter the combination in our general search box and see what number plates are available that may suit your vehicle.

Examples of special interest plates we have are:

For Cooking COO 999 only £5150

For Music MUS 531C only £2050

For Trains TRA 613S for £4904

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