How to Transfer a Number Plate

How to transfer a number plate is certainly one of the frequently asked questions we get here at Netplates and the process is relatively simple. Once you have purchased a registration from us either we can handle the transfer or you can do it yourself, whichever is easier.

The first step once you have actually purchased the plate it to take the private number off of retention. You will initially receive a V778 certificate which proves that you have the right to use the number in question; from here you can then apply to assign it to a vehicle.

In order to transfer a number from one vehicle to another you then follow a similar process where you must apply to take the registration off of one vehicle and then once this stage is complete apply to put it onto another vehicle. This can also be done by post by using a V317 form.

To be able to assign the private number to a vehicle you must have one of a V778 retention document, a V750 certificate of entitlement or an online reference number. In order to then assign the number to a vehicle the vehicle in question must be registered with the DVLA in the UK, available for inspection and of a type that needs an MOT or heavy good vehicle (HGV) test certificate.

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