Irish Number Plates

Due to the fact that Irish number plates can be assigned to any vehicle, it is easy to argue that they are when it comes to adding the finishing touch onto your vehicle. Prices range from as low as £50 for a dateless Irish cover numbers however there are also the far more prestigious GAZ, DAZ & BIL plates as well as many more.

Irish registrations numbers are often far cheaper than your typical dateless number plates, largely due to the fact that a UK dateless number plate runs from number 1-999 however Irish numbers consist of three letters followed by up to 4 digits meaning that combinations are available ranging from 1-9999 leading to a generally reduced cost on most plates.

NetPlates has a whole range of Irish numbers as a part of our stock, so why not begin your search now to find the perfect Irish number plate to complete your vehicle.

What is an Irish Number Plate

Irish number plates are registrations which are issued to vehicles from Northern Ireland. It is however still possible to assign an Irish number plate to a vehicle registered in the UK.

When people were able to transfer cherished number plates it became somewhat of a trend to buy and transfer Irish number plates due to the fact that they were so different to all the other available number plate formats. They are usually instantly recognisable as they contain the letters "I" or "Z", something which is not seen in prefix or suffix style number plates so this allows them to come in a variety of combinations.

Letters such as "I", "Q" & "Z" have generally been left out of UK number plates as they can be mistaken as the numbers 1, 0 or 2, which in turn is problematic for the authorities when it comes to identifying vehicles in the case of a crime. Only since the newer style number plates has Z been a valid number plate character as previously Z & I had only been seen on Irish number plates and Q was a character used to signify kit cars as they could have been built at any time.

Irish registration numbers are also considered to be a dateless style of number plate, meaning that they can be assigned to any vehicle regardless of its age. This means that buying an Irish number plate couldn’t be easier as you don’t have to consider the car you’re putting it onto.

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