Irish Number Plates

Irish number plates are registrations which are issued to vehicles from Northern Ireland. When people were able to transfer cherished number plates it became some what of a trend to buy and transfer Irish number plates due to the fact that they were so different to all the other available number plate formats. They are usually instantly recognisable as they contain the letters "I" or "Z", something which is not seen in prefix or suffix style number plates so this allows them to come in a variety of combinations.

Letters such as "I", "Q" & "Z" have generally been left out of UK number plates as they can be mistaken as the numbers 1, 0 or 2 which in turn is problematic for the authorities such as the police when it comes to identifying vehicles in the case of a crime. Only since the newer style number plates has Z been a valid number plate character as previously Z & I had only been seen on Irish number plates and Q was a character used to signify kit cars as they could have been built at any time.

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