Name Number Plates

What is a Name Number Plate?

When considering your options for a personalised number plate it will often be your name that is the best place to start. It doesn’t get more personal than this, you will be instantly recognisable to friends and family and fellow drivers on the road.

As name number plates are arguably the most desirable registration numbers, it is often the case that they come at a higher cost. With a bit of creativity however, this does not always have to be the case.

How to Choose a Name Number Plate?

If you have a short name then finding a personalised number plate to suit you could not be easier. If you can limit an abbreviation of your name to just three letters such as SAM, DAN or ROB then you give yourself the greatest possible opportunity to find the perfect number plate due to the number of combinations available. It is then just a case of finding the numbers and/or letters that mean something to you.

An alternative option is to substitute numbers as letters. An example of this would be using the digit 3 to replace an E in the name Jerry. This way you can display the name number plate J3 RRY. Though this would be an expensive option, you can then scale down the registration number and go for options such as J33 RRY or J333 RRY. With a bit of creativity it is always possible to find a name number plate at a fraction of the cost.

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