Number Plate Ideas

Have you made the all-important decision to start your search for a personalised number plate & don’t know where to start? Here at NetPlates we accommodate our search functionality to filter out the best possible matches for your ideal registration, some of which you might not of known even existed! 

Below we have listed some popular number plate ideas showcasing styles & combinations which have proven to be popular in the past.


Personalised number plates can be made to read whatever you want with a bit of imagination, see the grid below for ways to use numbers to create letters:

0To RepresentO
1To RepresentI
2To RepresentZ & R
3To RepresentE
4To RepresentA
5To RepresentS
6To RepresentB & G & C
7To RepresentY
8To RepresentB
9To RepresentG
10To RepresentIO
11To RepresentII & U & H
12To RepresentR
13To RepresentB
14To RepresentIA
15To RepresentIS
16To RepresentIG
17To RepresentN & A
19To RepresentIG

Name Number Plates

Name private number plates are generally the most common choices in the personalised number plate industry. Instantly recognisable, anyone who knows your name will know your car just at a glance. Using a combination of letters and numbers see what is the best match you can come up with for your perfect registration number. Name personalised number plates are often the most expensive options however with a bit of creativity you might just find yourself a bargain.

Initial Number Plates

Initial plates are an ideal way of making a registration a bit more personal for those who don't want to display their full name on their personal registration number whilst also still hiding the age of the vehicle. Cheaper options are often available in suffix and prefix format however there is always the option of a more prestigious dateless plate.

Job/Business/Profession Number Plates

Having a plate which represents your job, business or profession is a great way to gain self-promotion whilst also keeping the registration relatively personal to the owner. Job based plates are easily recognisable and make you stand out on the road.

Hobby Number Plates 

Hobby number plates are self-representative of the person who owns them. People are always looking for a way to show off what they are interested in be it memorabilia, clothing or tattoos but number plates can be just as effective, for example why not try a number plate with the initials of a beloved football team, sport or pass time.

Age/Date of Birth Number Plates 

Age & Date of birth registration numbers could be used in conjunction with perhaps an initial or a hobby plate but again they give a very personal edge. This is a great option to give the digits on a number plate more meaning than just the age of the vehicle, whilst also making sure that the whole registration number is relevant to its owner.

V6/V8/V12 Number Plates 

For people that consider themselves petrol heads why not pick up your own private registration starting with V6, V8 or V12 to show off the size of the engine whilst also disguising the age of the vehicle.

Title Number Plates 

Another style of plate that can be used in conjunction with name or initial plates are title plates. Whether you want MR, M12 with MRS or MR5 both individually or a pair or even MISS, M155 or MS/M5 you can create any title you want, even going as far as DR or D12, all of these are available in an eligible number plate format and combine it with your name and initials to create the perfect personal registration number to show off who you are.

Rude/Funny Number Plates 

A less personal option for a personalised number plate is to display a funny or rude word. Examples such as S3 XXY, BRE 45T or HUM 4N, these ones require some imagination but will certainly grab the eye as your driving along.

Car Make/Model Number Plates 

Are you looking to disguise the age of the vehicle or perhaps looking for something to stand out, why not complete your vehicle with a relevant number plate, whether it be a BMW or AUD personalised number plate, these add a classy finishing touch to any vehicle.

Phrase Number Plates & Others

 If you are just looking for something that grabs the eye then why not take a look below at some of our phrase number plates, used in conjunction with perhaps a set of initials or a shorter name these options certainly give your something that will stand out from your average registration number.

  • H1 ABC – Hi Number Plates
  • F1 ABC – F1 Number Plates
  • FA57 ABC – Fast Number Plates
  • JU57 ABC – Just Number Plates
  • B16 ABC / B19 ABC – Big Number Plates
  • H15 ABC – His Number Plates
  • V1 PAB – VIP Number Plates
  • BO55 ABC – Boss Number Plates
  • M155 ABC – Miss Number Plates
  • K155 ABC – Kiss Number Plates
  • OO02 ABC – OO Number Plates
  • XX02 ABC – XX Number Plates
  • GB02 ABC – Great Britain Number Plates