Personal Registrations

When it comes to number plates, it is often the case that people do not realise that they do not have to keep the original registration number that was assigned to the vehicle at the point of purchase.

NetPlates are here to assist you in your search for the perfect personal registrations. The UK vehicle registrations system currently in place does not allow more than three letters to appear in a row without a number to break it up. This is where the creativity comes into account. By using numbers to represent certain letters, for example‚ 3 being a backwards E, the possibilities are endless and with a bit of creativity and imagination anyone can find the perfect registration to suit them, without breaking any rules that are currently in place.

Likewise when it comes to selling a personal registration, whether you don’t require it any more or you have purchased a vehicle with a number that means nothing to you, NetPlates can assist you in selling your number free of charge by visiting us here.

What is a Personal Registration Plate?

A personal registration plate is registration number that means something to the driver of the vehicle even when it may not be apparent to others. Whether it be a name, initials, occupation or hobby the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding yourself a personal registration. NetPlates has over 50 million personal registrations to choose from so get searching now to find the perfect number plate that means something to you.

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Finding your perfect plate! NetPlates personalised registrations have over 45 million registrations available to buy online, so finding your ideal number plate might seem daunting at first, but the process is very simple. What's the total cost? The all-inclusive price of VAT(If any), the compulsory £80 DVLA assignment fee meaning there are no hidden charges other than the optional £30 set of plastic plates. What Happens Next? Once you have purchased your chosen registration number, we can send you the registration on a certificate or we can handle the entire transfer process onto your vehicle free of charge.
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