Rude Number Plates

What Rude Number Plates are Banned?

Every 6 months there is a new release of DVLA number plates and with that comes a new set of banned registration numbers. With the most recent 19 plate release we say the likes of BE19 END, BU19 GER & DO19 POO all pulled back from release to avoid offending fellow road users.

It is the DVLA’s responsibility to keep any rude number plates that could be interpreted as overly sexual, racist, homophobic or religious discrimination from being released. Once a style of number has been added to the banned list, the decision will never be reversed & released in the future.

What Rude Number Plates Are Available?

Despite the DVLA holding annual meetings in order to prepare for the potentially rude & offensive number plate releases, some do still slip through the net. Some of these include NetPlates very own BRE 45T as well as ORG 45M, PEN 15, T17 LOV, B16 DYK & BOO 1B as well as many more. All of these are retailing at extremely high values due to the desirability of a rare, novelty rude number plate.