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Suffix Style number plates offer great variety in terms of trying to spell out your desired name, word or phrase due to the large number of combinations that are available. The value of a suffix style registrations tends to be higher than a prefix not only because the numbers are older and therefore rarer than some of the other styles but also because of the fact that it is considered to be the correct way round where the letters come first. The value also largely depends on the desirability of the number, for example ANG 31A will be more desirable than ANG 314A as it is a closer match. NetPlates offers a vast range of suffix style number plates including many in our own stock, so why not get searching now to find your perfect suffix registration number.

What is a Suffix Style Number Plate?

The suffix style number plate was initially introduced in 1963 as a way for the DVLA to expand the number of possible combinations that could be issued to vehicles. It was decided that the new system would simply incorporate a single letter at the end of the registration as this would not only drastically increase the number of possible combinations but also due to the fact that the letter could be used as a year signifier. A suffix style number plate therefore consists of three letters followed by up to three numbers (1-999) followed by the single year signifying letter (excluding I, O, Q, U & Z). A new letter would be released once per year ranging from January 1963 up until July 1983.

Below is a table breaking down the year signifiers for prefix style number plates:

Suffix Dates of issue
A January 1963 - December 1963
B January 1964 - December 1964
C January 1965 - December 1965
D January 1966 - December 1966
E January 1967 - July 1967
F August 1967 - July 1968
G August 1968 - July 1969
H August 1969 - July 1970
J August 1970 - July 1971
K August 1971 - July 1972
L August 1972 - July 1973
M August 1973 - July 1974
N August 1974 - July 1975
P August 1975 - July 1976
R August 1976 - July 1977
S August 1977 - July 1978
T August 1978 - July 1979
V August 1979 - July 1980
W August 1980 - July 1981
X August 1981 - July 1982
Y August 1982 - July 1983  

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